Free software FTW! Updated

[Two years ago][old] (flippin’ heck it seems like only yesterday) I wrote about converting between Unix timestamps and Windows timestamps using Python. In that post I linked to my very simple implementation of a module that provides converting back and forth between the formats.

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Timothy Williams with changes to the my module so that it preserves the fractions of a second in the conversion. How sweet is that?!?!! Exclamation mark question mark exclamation mark cellida diaresis em-dash full stop king of punctuation.

It is fantastic that not only did someone find my code useful but also that they were generous enough to take the time to improve it and give the changes back to me. I love tasty, delicious free software and the people like Tim who make it tastier and more delicious.

So here is the new version of [ incorporating Tim’s fixes][ft].


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