Inspecting your routes in Bottle

Marcel Hellkamp [recently added a small feature][3] to Bottle that makes it easy to inspect an application’s routes and determine if a particular route is actually for a mounted sub-application.

([Bottle is a small module written in Python for making websites][4].)

Route objects (items in the `app.routes` list) now have extra information when the route was created by mounting one app on another, in the form of a new key `mountpoint` in `route.config`.

Here’s a trivial app with another app mounted on it:

import bottle

app1 = bottle.Bottle()

def app1_home(): return “Hello World from App1”

app2 = bottle.Bottle()
def app2_home(): return “Hello World from App2”

app1.mount(prefix=’/app2/’, app=app2)

And a utility function that returns a generator of prefixes and routes:

def inspect_routes(app):
for route in app.routes:
if ‘mountpoint’ in route.config:
prefix = route.config[‘mountpoint’][‘prefix’]
subapp = route.config[‘mountpoint’][‘target’]

for prefixes, route in inspect_routes(subapp):
yield [prefix] + prefixes, route
yield [], route

Finally, inspecting all the routes (including mounted sub-apps) for the root Bottle object:

for prefixes, route in inspect_routes(app1):
abs_prefix = ‘/’.join(part for p in prefixes for part in p.split(‘/’))
print abs_prefix, route.rule, route.method, route.callback

This new feature is sure to revolutionise everything.


One thought on “Inspecting your routes in Bottle

  1. Glenn

    Thanks, helpful. I wonder if there is a way to display the routes with the static ones first, in the actual order searched by the Router?

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