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Station To Station

I am pretty sure my favourite [David Bowie][bowie] album is [Station To Station][s2s]. I am pretty sure my favourite Bowie track is *Station To Station* off that same album.

When I am invited to appear on [Desert Island Discs][desert] I will choose *Station To Station* as the one song I can take with me – it is flipping ten minutes long, and on a desert island I will want a song that takes a long time to understand and doesn’t repeat too often on my walkman.

*Station To Station* is great because it is at least two songs in one, if not three. The opening section has the discordant stop / start rhythm of a steam train getting up to speed and Bowie’s lyrics are intelligible while being sufficiently dense that I can’t sing along without a dictionary.

And then the song breaks into the second section with a solid disco rhythm interrupted by Bowie expressing the joy and uncertainty of a new love affair before we finally hit the chorus which takes the rest of the song to the end.

> It’s not the side-effects of the cocaine, I’m thinking that it must be love.

Oh my gosh it is fantastic.

It is likely that if I can’t take *Station To Station* to my desert island I will take the prelude from [*Tristan Und Isolde*][tristan], also about 10 minutes. Failing that maybe *Something Against You* by [Pixies][pixies].

[I am one happy prick][something].

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