Adobe Software Updates

What Adobe’s software update site needs is:

– [An RSS / Atom feed of recent updates][feed].

This way you can subscribe to a list of recent updates in your favourite news reader and be informed when a new update is released without having to scan product-specific blogs, etc.

– [Per-product pages listing available updates][product].

When you want to find an update for a product you can find it on the dedicated product update page. It will be there.

– [Nice URLs][acrobat].

URLs make the Web. Putting the product name in the URL makes a human-friendly URL, as opposed to putting the opaque product reference numeric key as a query parameter. Quick test: which updates do you expect to see on [][acromac] ? And assuming you were so insane as to guess the previous URL correctly, which updates do you expect to see on [][acrowuh]

Anyway, those be my principal beefs with the current Adobe software updates site. So I made a site that tries to satisfy my beeves. Beefs.

It is here: [][wavesinspace]

Please provide feedback to [][gm6]


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