Adobe’s software update site is shit

This is written from the point of view of someone looking to keep abreast of software patches for Adobe‘s many excellent products (also Acrobat).

Adobe’s Downloads page is mostly about downloading product demos. Although on that page there is a list on the side with a link to the real product updates page and a very out-dated list of updates.

So then the actual Product Updates page has a menu for all their products that takes you to the updates for an individual product, and a list of “featured updates”. What qualifies an update to be featured is a mystery, so that list is not useful either.

They don’t think to mention it on the Downloads or Product Updates pages, but there is also a New Downloads page which is actually rather handy, although there is no indication what constitutes “new” so it can be difficult to tell if something was released in the time between your last visit and the oldest update mentioned on that page.

My favourite aspect of Adobe’s support pages is the whimsical approach to the page for a product. For example, the page for Illustrator for Macintosh includes the 15.0.2 update for Illustrator that shipped as part of Creative Suite version 5. Meanwhile the Creative Suite for Mac updates page doesn’t admit there have been any updates for CS5 at all.

What Adobe’s software update site needs is…

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